Austin Deep Learning: Past, Present, and Future

February 11, 2020

Last month we began the new year looking at how far the Austin Deep Learning meetup has come. What started as a Sunday afternoon hack session has turned into a large community of data scientists, researchers, and hobbyists. Now at nearly 2,600 members, we have a thriving group, an active Slack channel, two amazing sponsors ( and Capital Factory) and a wonderful journal club that meets 2 times per month (3 times soon?).

At the last meetup (video and slides below), I spoke about the meetup’s journey, its growth, and sought feedback about topics of interest and possible alternatives to the meetup’s one-talk-per-month format. The discussions and suggestions were fantastic, but my favorites were “How to Do an AI Startup”, talks from UT professors (example), lightning talks, and hackathons. Volunteers to help see these ideas happen would be wonderful.

Member Feedback

Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions. Here are a number of ideas the group came up with:

Topics of Interest

  • How to Do an AI Startup
  • “Things I Built”
  • Bert
  • Deployment Frameworks (Kubeflow)
  • Chatbots
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Bayesian Neural Nets / Probabilistic Programming
  • Talks from UT professors
  • Build vs Rent Hardware
  • More computer vision (it’s been a while)
  • More NLP

Meetup Suggestions

  • Lightning talks
  • Workshops aimed at beginners
  • Tutorials 3x per year
  • Joint Meetups where interests intersect (e.g., ML Robotics)
  • Best of Journal Club
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