John Ramey Statistics and Machine Learning

Textbook - Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics

As part of my effort to acquaint myself more with biology, bioinformatics, and statistical genetics, I am trying to find as many resources as I can that provide a solid foundation. For instance, I am wading through Molecular Biology of the Cell at a pace of about 10-15 pages per day – this takes nearly an hour every day.

Now That We Live in Seattle

It has been just a few weeks since my wife, my son, and I moved to Seattle so that I could begin my postdoc at The Hutch. Now that we have been here a short time and are settled, we intend to start exploring Seattle, doing typical touristy things as well as non-touristy activities that only Seattlites would do. My wife purchased a detailed guide to Seattle that lists numerous activities, restaurants, scenery, etc. that would take months (years?) to complete. I prefer word of mouth though, so I asked some coworkers for recommendations. Here’s what they gave me:

And Now I Blog Again

One of my goals for 2012 has been to blog more. Much more. When I first set this goal, I had great aspirations of posting frequently. However, I had a Ph.D. to complete, and quite frankly, it demanded much higher priority. Now that I have submitted my dissertation and completed my Ph.D. requirements, I have several half-finished posts that will appear soon. Also, since I have made the switch to Octopress, I will be relocating selected posts from my previous Wordpress blog.

Goals for 2012

I have never been one to set New Year’s resolutions. Personally, they instill a dangerous personal freedom that often yield naive, subconscious mentalities, such as I can do anything I want until December 31, and I will change abruptly the next day. However, my Ph.D. adviser has shown me the importance of setting goals in all things that I wish to accomplish as well as envisioning the finale to an arduous journey like a small child (read “John Ramey”) that pictures the waning warmth of fresh chocolate chip cookies smeared on his face. My adviser has always encouraged short-term and long-term goals but never required them. As I recently found out, my employer does. In addition, these goals are reviewed at the end of the fiscal year so that employees are realistic and held accountable.

When I was 29...

Today was my 29th birthday, and I kept things simple: I ate with my wife and my newborn son at a local eatery. Later, my wife cooked steaks for dinner. For the most part, I took the day off in that I did not work on my dissertation. But I did spent much of the day tinkering with my Octopress installation – more about that later.